Frontpage coverage in Toronto Metro Newspaper

train imageSolar-X Device (2017)

Frontpage coverage in Toronto Metro Newspaper

To take solar measurements and help us understand more about Solar Eclipses and Climate Change.


black hole modification

Black Hole Robot (2017)

Our 30 lbs battle bot and a veteran of several battles!



Arushi holding her Entry 2Yes I Can: Satellite Art (2017)

Winner of Canadian Space Agency SpaceApps Awards 2017

Canada 150 logo made using data gathered by the Canadian Satellite RadarSat-2.


flagCanadarm 2 Model

A model of Canada Arm complete with motorised pincers to pick up objects.





galacticbot-marsGalactic Bot

(Hardware Hackathon 2015 winner)

To learn more about temperature, colors, age and composition of stars. It also recreates colors of different stars.





To study the spectrum of the Sun and projects it on a computer.


indicatorsfashionzone1Gesture Sensing Helmet 

Fashion Zone Winner

Allows cyclists to give turn signals using gestures!



lighthouselabclimatechack6Fix the Six

Climathon 2016 First Prize and Climate Leadership Award 

To reduce climate emissions in the transport sector by 5%

Global Nomination Picture

Artash Presenting Drop the DroughtDrop the Drought

Winner NASA Space Apps 2017 and Global Nominee

To predict droughts using NASA Satellite data from Landsat and Terra Modis in Kenya-Uganda Border.

Making Cosmic Dance2


The Cosmic Dance

MakerFest 2017 Installation

The traditional Indian puppets are moved using Servos. Their movements are determined by signals from Space. We used a Geiger counter to capture alpha particles, beta particles and gamma rays which produced the signals.

spaceapps2M.A.R.S.-3M.A.R.S (Maze solving Algorithm for Rovers and Space Applications) Path-Finding Rover (2016)

The rover has a camera and uses a maze-solving algorithm (using MatLab) to find a path around obstacles.

handathon2handathon13-D Printed Prosthetic Hand (2015)

Featured in the Toronto Star

First-ever “Handathon” to assemble prosthetic hands that will be sent to children who need them.


final product

Roll-it, Roll-it Robot (2016)

Toronto Science Fair

A robot that rolls on the ground. Uses servo and gravity to propel itself forward.


final tashi

Artificial Plant (2016)

Toronto Science Fair

The robotic plant grows based on sensor inputs which determine gravity, moisture and light!