HotPopRobot is a maker-family enterprise co-founded by Artash, Arushi, Rati and Vikas to bring discussion on science, space exploration, and technology in everyday conversation.

It encourages families and kids to become creators and not just consumers, by undertaking projects on space, robotics, artificial intelligence, and science. We need to keep doing science every day and producing newer knowledge so that we can improve our understanding of planet Earth and the Universe.

It is only when we set our vision higher and goals ambitious in space exploration that we can find solutions to more pressing problems on Earth!

We do several outreach events every year through Maker Festivals, NASA Space Apps Challenge, school fairs, and community events.

Questions? Write to Vikas Nath at  / 

Follow us on Twitter @wonrobot

Arushi (Canadian Space Apps Winner 2017) and Artash (NASA Space Apps Toronto Winner 2017) at Canadian Space Agency Headquarters.



First place winners of Climathon Toronto 2016 and Climate Leadership Award.



Our NASA Space Apps 2014 Toronto winning team with the judges

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