With Navdeep Bains,  Minister of Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, Canada. February 2018


We discussed about the financial allocation for Science and Space in the Federal Budget 2018. We recommended 3 things related to space: 1) Set up a Space Port – seeing a rocket launch from Canadian soil will boost #STEM and fire imagination of students 2) Encourage #SpaceStartups – so talent finds opportunities in Canada 3) Develop more Robotic & Science payloads 

With Glen Murray,  Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, Ontario, Canada. October 2016

glen MurrayHotPopRobot.com giving a demo of the home made pollution sensor using in their project “Fix the Six” which won the First Prize in the Climate Hackathon (#Climathon). They briefed him about their findings including that small, neighbourhood parks are very efficient in carbon removal from the atmosphere.


With Kathleen Wynee, Premier of Ontario, Canada. September 2015

wynneHotPopRobot.com advocating for greater investment in science and public goods in Ontario to curb climate emissions, protect our environment, and promote healthier living.




With John Tory, Mayor, Toronto, August 2015

John Tory.JPG

HotPopRobot.com giving a demo of their flashing LED project using Gyroscope and old bicycle wheel. They talked to John Tory about increase emphasis and budget for science in Government Planning so that young Canadians can become Creators rather than Consumers.



With Gene Cernan, Last Man to Have Walked the Moon, Apollo XVII. April 2015

genecernanHotPopRobot.com made a 4 feet tall model of Saturn V rocket – the one in which Gene Cernan went to the Moon in December 1972.

Astronaut Eugene Cernan challenges us all, “I walked on the moon, what can’t you do?”

Gene Cernan has gone beyond anyone we have met so far in promoting space exploration and igniting inter-generational minds to follow their Space dreams! Thank you Gene. Check out the movie: “The Last Moon on the Moon


With Chris Hadfield, First Canadian Astronaut to Walk in Space. April 2015

hadfieldHotPopRobot.com trying to learn from Chris Hadfield on how Canadian Space Sector has changed over the years.