On 17 May 2020,  Artash and Arushi conducted a free online workshop for over 60 kids (Grade 3 to 8) on the topic ‘Building Robots, Rovers and Rockets’. The workshop was carried out at the invitation of STEM Labs Canada who handled all the registration and organization.

robotsThe workshop was done over Zoom and over 60 kids participated in the same from several countries including the US, Canada, India. The first half of the workshop included demos of the robotic projects, the resources, and materials used to build the robots, and explaining the programming behind those rovers.

The second half of the robot included how other kids can get started on their maker journey by creating their designs for simple robots. The most difficult part is not building robots but actually getting started.

Towards the end of their presentation, Artash and Arushi fielded questions from the kids on a range of topics from programming languages they should learn to where to buy the parts and how to enter different robotic competitions.

To access the Presentation that includes the demonstration videos of our projects and served as the background to the workshop, go to 2020 Robotics Workshop Presentation

The participants were encouraged to watch the free documentary film “Space or Nothing” on https://vimeo.com/347635737 prior to the workshop.

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