Honorable Mention for Poster Presentation on Using Machine Learning to Predict Risk Index of Asteroid Collision. 2019 NASA Planetary Defense Conference. Washington DC.

Finalist, Canadian Space Agency, NSERC, 2019 Little Inventors Challenge.

Jesse Ketchum Award, Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Toronto, 2018Presented to members who have done considerable work in the construction and/or application of equipment suitable for astronomical observation.

NASA Space Apps Toronto Winner 2018Awarded the Global Nominee and People’s Choice Award for our project “Deep Space Musical”- the musical of our universe.

2018 Emerald Code Grand Prize Winners  Awarded for our project “Trappist 1 Exoplanetary Model: Sound and Light Show”

2018 Science Odyssey First Prize Winners Awarded for science outreach during Science Rendezvous at the University of Toronto

2018 Cubes in Space: COTS Components for Cube-Sats Payload Selected for High Altitude Balloon by NASA Langley Centre

Canadian Space Agency SpaceApps Winner 2017 Awarded for transforming images of Canadian Satellite RadarSat-2 into the #Canada150 logo. More details

NASA SpaceApps Challenge Toronto Winner 2017 Drop the Drought application which uses satellite imagery to predict climate change-induced droughts and migration that may happen as people and cattle move out in search of food and water.

Climathon 2016 First Prize Winners and Climate Hero Award Won it for our “Fix the Six” project to reduce carbon emissions from the transportation sector by 5% by planting more trees and improving tree density alongside streets and community parks.

Hardware Hackathon Winners 2015

NASA Global Top 5 People’s Choice Award 2014

NASA SpaceApps 2014 Toronto



16 October 2019: Toronto-area Teen Models Asteroid Collision Risk, SpaceQ.

14 January 2019: Breakfast TV Toronto: Conversation on Space with Artash and Arushi.

9 May 2018: TVO Kids. TRAPPIST-1 Exoplanetary Light and Sound Model.

16 November 2017: Front page of Toronto Metro Newspaper. Eclipse is the Gift that Keeps Giving. and

21 August 2017: Toronto Metro. Hobbyists become citizen scientists.

28 August 2016: Springer Journal. Environmental Monitoring using Commerical Off-the-Shelf Space Technologies. (Chapter 10)

18 December 2015: Toronto Star. Students build prosthetics hands with help of a 3D printer.

24 September 2015: Toronto Star. Toronto Clock building Hackathon