galacticbot-marsgalacticbot demo

Over 100 designers, developers, tinkerers, and innovators gathered on March 6th, 7th, 8th at MaRS for the Toronto Hardware Hackathon – a weekend dedicated to developing ideas and hacking hardware. HotPopRobot was there!

We dreamt of having a simple instrument for children to learn about stars.  We planned,  we sketched, we though it over, and the idea of GalacticBot was born. GalacticBot is made of Arduino, Cardboard Box, CD-Rom and sensors. It is able to get spectrum of bright objects, get Red, Blue and Green color composition of objects, and allows kids to do a color match with the stars. The color match allows them to determine, if the starfinalproduct1s are hotter or colder than the sun, and also if they are younger or older in comparison.

The cost for building GalacticBox was around 30 dollars. Our dream is now to have one GalacticBot per Child to foster discussions on space and science in schools and in families.

GalacticBot idea was one of the 50 pitches made at the event. It was then voted into top 15 to proceed ahead. At the end of 54 hours of making, it won the third place among the 15 teams.

Click here to see the presentation on GalacticBot.


See Coverage by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) news of the GalacticBot at (around 17:00)

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