aws8 June 2022: Using open data to study the sounds of the ocean and create art. Amazon Web Services (AWS) Public Sector Blog. 

logoReducing Acoustic Pollution. Generation Ocean. Reducing acoustic pollution Artash Nath.

csv27 May 2022: Une élève Viamonde remporte le prix innovation à l’Expo-sciences pancanadienne. Conseil scolaire Viamonde. Canada.

ysc20 May 2022: Plankton Wars and Planetary Defense take best project awards at this year’s CWSF. Youth Science Canada.

osa14 May 2022: Entrepreneurial Student Develops Ocean Soundscape Monitoring Tool. Ocean Science Analytics.

ysc13 May 2022: Team Canada wins nine awards at hybrid Regeneron ISEF 2022 in Atlanta, GA. Youth Science Canada. 

iisd-logo13 December 2021: Using Seismic Data to Track Pandemic Lockdowns. SDG Update. International Institute for Sustainable Development.

techtalks8 June 2021: Using Seismic Data to Measure the Effectiveness of Lockdowns. Interviewed by Tech Talks by Chris Glover, Member of Provincial Parliament, Ontario.

download5 June 2021: IRIS data used to win Gold Medal in Science Fair! Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology.  (Also appears on header of homepage)

12 March 2021: NASA – The Power of SpaceApps. Features Artash and Arushi and their Masked Scales Project that won the 2020 SpaceApps COVID-19 Challenge.

20 February 2021: Monitor My Lockdown. Interview of Artash Nath on CTV National News with anchor Angie Seth. CTV News.

12 February 2021: A Toronto teenager unravels the connection between seismic waves and COVID-19. Toronto Star.

WSAI1 December 2020: World Summit on Artificial Intelligence (WSAI) community’s top 50 Innovators in 2020.

18 September 2020: NASA Space Apps COVID-19 Challenge Winners Share Stories of Innovation. NASA.

4 September 2020: NASA_ cuáles fueron las mejores propuestas del Reto Covid-19. Clarín.

21 August 2020: Artash et Arushi remportent le prix du Défi Space Apps 2020. Le Metropolitain.

18 August 2020: Interview of Artash and Arushi on Global News Canada with Susan Hays. Global News.

csv13 August 2020: Artash et Arushi Nath, élèves au Conseil scolaire Viamonde, remportent le prix du Défi Space Apps 2020 de la NASA.

10 August 2020: Interview of Artash and Arushi on CTV National News with anchor Angie Seth. CTV News.

weekly8 August 2020: South Asian Toronto Siblings become Global Winners of 2020 NASA Space Apps COVID-19 Global Challenge. South Asian Weekly.

gga11 July 2020: Interview of Arushi about her Dragonfly Drone. Girl Geek Academy. Australia.

19 June 2020: Interview by Kevin Frankish. Episode 90. Why Our Future Looks Bright. Kevins Isolators Show.


WSAI21 February 2020: Interview of Artash Nath on Artificial Intelligence for Space Applications. Americas World Summit on Artificial Intelligence.

29 January 2020: Kids Inventors Day. Interview with Arushi Nath about her Make An Astronaut Smile Robot (MARS) and she gives a demo. TVO Kids.

25 November 2019:  DevKids: An inside look at the kids of DevFest. Google Developers Blog.

spaceq16 October 2019: Toronto-area Teen Models Asteroid Collision Risk. SpaceQ.

shaftEmerald Code: Decoded Season 2 | STEM Stars Artash and Arushi Build ROCKETS! | Shaftesbury Kids.

14 January 2019: Conversation on Space with Artash and Arushi. Breakfast TV Toronto.

Cagis_logo_colourCAGIS member Arushi Nath wins NASA Space Apps Challenge 2019. CAGIS. Canada.

18 August 2018: Want to Cure Math Anxiety? Start with a Magic Trick. Walrus Magazine.

9 May 2018: TRAPPIST-1 Exoplanetary Light and Sound Model. TVO Kids.

metro16 November 2017: Front page of Toronto Metro Newspaper. Eclipse is the Gift that Keeps Giving. and

metro21 August 2017: Hobbyists become citizen scientists.  Toronto Metro.

28 August 2016: Environmental Monitoring using Commercial Off-the-Shelf Space Technologies. Springer Journal. (Chapter 10)

18 December 2015: Students build prosthetics hands with help of a 3D printer. Toronto Star.

24 September 2015: Toronto Clock building Hackathon. Toronto Star.