techtalks8 June 2021: Using Seismic Data to Measure the Effectiveness of Lockdowns. Interviewed by Tech Talks by Chris Glover, Member of Provincial Parliament, Ontario.

download5 June 201: IRIS data used to win Gold Medal in Science Fair! Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology.  (Also appears on header of homepage)

12 March 2021: NASA – The Power of SpaceApps. Features Artash and Arushi and their Masked Scales Project that won the 2020 SpaceApps COVID-19 Challenge.

20 February 2021: Monitor My Lockdown. Interview of Artash Nath on CTV National News with anchor Angie Seth. CTV News.

12 February 2021: A Toronto teenager unravels the connection between seismic waves and COVID-19. Toronto Star.

WSAI1 December 2020: World Summit on Artificial Intelligence (WSAI) community’s top 50 Innovators in 2020.

18 September 2020: NASA Space Apps COVID-19 Challenge Winners Share Stories of Innovation. NASA.

4 September 2020: NASA_ cuáles fueron las mejores propuestas del Reto Covid-19. Clarín.

21 August 2020: Artash et Arushi remportent le prix du Défi Space Apps 2020. Le Metropolitain.

18 August 2020: Interview of Artash and Arushi on Global News Canada with Susan Hays. Global News.

13 August 2020: Artash et Arushi Nath, élèves au Conseil scolaire Viamonde, remportent le prix du Défi Space Apps 2020 de la NASA

10 August 2020: Interview of Artash and Arushi on CTV National News with anchor Angie Seth. CTV News.

weekly8 August 2020: South Asian Toronto Siblings become Global Winners of 2020 NASA Space Apps COVID-19 Global Challenge. South Asian Weekly.

gga11 July 2020: Interview of Arushi about her Dragonfly Drone. Girl Geek Academy. Australia.

19 June 2020: Interview by Kevin Frankish. Episode 90. Why Our Future Looks Bright. Kevins Isolators Show.


WSAI21 February 2020: Interview of Artash Nath on Artificial Intelligence for Space Applications. Americas World Summit on Artificial Intelligence.

29 January 2020: Kids Inventors Day. Interview with Arushi Nath about her Make An Astronaut Smile Robot (MARS) and she gives a demo. TVO Kids.

25 November 2019:  DevKids: An inside look at the kids of DevFest. Google Developers Blog.

spaceq16 October 2019: Toronto-area Teen Models Asteroid Collision Risk. SpaceQ.

shaftEmerald Code: Decoded Season 2 | STEM Stars Artash and Arushi Build ROCKETS! | Shaftesbury Kids.

14 January 2019: Conversation on Space with Artash and Arushi. Breakfast TV Toronto.

18 August 2018: Want to Cure Math Anxiety? Start with a Magic Trick. Walrus Magazine.

9 May 2018: TRAPPIST-1 Exoplanetary Light and Sound Model. TVO Kids.

metro16 November 2017: Front page of Toronto Metro Newspaper. Eclipse is the Gift that Keeps Giving. and

metro21 August 2017: Hobbyists become citizen scientists.  Toronto Metro.

28 August 2016: Environmental Monitoring using Commercial Off-the-Shelf Space Technologies. Springer Journal. (Chapter 10)

18 December 2015: Students build prosthetics hands with help of a 3D printer. Toronto Star.

24 September 2015: Toronto Clock building Hackathon. Toronto Star.