The best way to learn is to teach others! As a part of our Space and STEM outreach, we regularly give demonstrations, presentations, and talks about our projects.


27 – 31 July 2020: Using Machine Learning to Improve Prediction of Chemical Composition of Exoplanetary Atmospheres. Exo 3 Conference 2020.

15 July 2020: From Outer Space to Sub Surface: Seismic Vibrations and the impact of COVID-19 Lockdown. Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) Meeting. Toronto.

9 July 2020: The Dragonfly Drone: Merging Biology, Neurons and Logic Gates. The Global Innovation Field Trip.

9 -10 July 2020: Using Machine Learning to Improve Prediction of Chemical Composition of Exoplanetary Atmospheres. (Book of Abstracts). Molecular Origins of Life, Munich 2020. 

8 July 2020: Use of Machine Learning/ Python in Handling Exoplanet Data. Lightning Talk. Scientific Computing with Python Conference (SciPy2020).

12 June 2020: Outer Space to Sub Surface: Seismology and Apply Machine Learning to Big Data Sets. TRANSFORM 2020 Conference. Software Underground.

17 May 2020: Online Workshop for School Kids on Building Rovers, Robots, and Rockets. STEM Labs Club. Canada.

14 May 2020: Taking Bias in Machine Learning to Space. Space Science in Context Virtual Conference, UK.

11-13 May 2020: Demonstrating Human-Robot, Robot-Robot Interaction. Pint of Science Virtual Festival, Canada.

28 Feb – 1 Mar 2020: Use of Machine Learning in Astronomy. Ascension 2020 Conference. Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS-Canada), Hamilton, Canada.

29 January 2020:  Predicting Exoplanetary Atmospheres using Machine Learning: ARIEL Telescope Simulation. Royal Astronomical Society of Canada meeting. Ontario Science Centre.

19 January 2020: Using Artificial Intelligence in Space Exploration. 2020 Innovation Nation Conference. Hamilton, Ontario.

16 January 2020: “Hybrid Machine Learning Model to Remove Noise from Exoplanet Data“. ARIEL Science, Mission & Community 2020 Conference. 14 – 16 January 2020.


13 October. Hands-On Workshop: “Exoplanets and the Search for Chemical Signature of Life using Machine Learning”. Global Community Bio Summit. MIT Media Lab. Cambridge, MD, USA.

10 October 2019: “Using Machine Learning to Predict Risk Index of Collision with Asteroids”. Montreal Space Symposium 2019. International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). Montreal. Canada

28 September 2019: “Artificial Intelligence and Human Interaction”. Google DevFest 2019. George Brown College, Toronto.

21 September 2019: “Youth Voices in Science and Innovation”. Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC). Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Toronto.

7 June 2019: How to get started in making STEM Projects using your Interest and Imagination. STEM Showcase 2019 hosted by CCMA.Ontario Science Centre.

24 May 2019: 5 Steps to Hack your Curiosity: Learn Anything, Learn Everything: 2019 Toronto Tech Summit. MaRS Discovery District

22 May 2019: How the use of Quadruple Pendulum by LIGO helped the discovery of Gravitational Waves. Royal Astronomical Society of Canada / Ontario Science Centre. Toronto.

30 April 2019: Using Machine Learning to Predict Risk of Asteroid Colliding with Earth. 2019 NASA Planetary Defense Conference. Washington DC.

27 April 2019: NextGen Creative Growth: Raising Creators, Not Consumers. 2019 digiFest, Toronto.

24 January 2019: Guest Speech at Ontario Science Centre 50 Years Celebration: Daring to Dream Big. Toronto.

20 January 2019: How can the NextGen Hack Space Exploration? Guest Speech at 2019 Innovation Nation Conference. Hamilton.

14 January 2019: Breakfast TV Toronto: Conversation on Space with Artash and Arushi.  See Video:


21 November 2018. Poster Presentation: Asteroid Collision Risk Prediction. Toronto Machine Learning Summit 2018. Carlu.

10 November 2018. Science as a Human Right, International Science Centre and Science Museum Day. Ontario Science Centre.

7 November 2018. Deep Space Musical: Transforming iconic Hubble Telescope images into music to create a musical of the UniverseOntario Science Centre. Organised by RASC Toronto Centre, Toronto. 

7 July 2018. TRAPPIST-1 Exoplanetary System Model. Annual Awards Day. Carr Astronomical Observatory, Collingwood. Ontario. 

18 July 2018. Modeling the Deep Space Network: From Earth to Outer Space.  Ontario Science Centre. Organised by RASC Toronto Centre, Toronto.  Video: 

20 June 2018. Predicting Risk Index of Asteroid Collision using A.I. and Displaying it Musically. Ontario Science Centre. Organised by RASC Toronto Centre, Toronto. (See Video:

9 June 2018. AI Exhibitor, FITC Future World Conference, Toronto

3 June 2018. How to build up maker spaces and undertake making-activities with children at home. MakerExpo, Kitchener, Ontario (

2 June 2018. Space, Robotics, and Music: Every child is a creator! MakerExpo, Kitchener, Ontario (

14 April 2018. Featured Speaker: We Progress, When we keep asking Why! Science March Toronto, Nathan Philips Square, Toronto (See video: and

6 March 2018. Asteroids, Music, and Code. Hack n Tell, Top Hat, Toronto (See

18 February 2018. Guest Speaker. Inaugural Women’s Conference for Planetary Scientists and Beyond. The University of Toronto, Toronto. (

11 February 2018. Featured Speaker: International Day of Women and Girls in Science. The Ontario Science Centre, Toronto. (See


11 October 2017. Drop the Drought”, “Yes I Can” and Canadian Space Agency Visit. Ontario Science Centre. Organised by RASC Toronto Centre, Toronto.  (See video:

25 August 2017. Do It Yourself Astronomy Workshop.  MindCamp, YMCA Geneva Park, Orillia, Ontario (See

4 July 2017. Yes I Can / Oui Je Peux (Canadian SpaceApps 2017 Winning Presentation). The Canadian Space Agency, Saint-Hubert, Quebec.(See:

27 May 2017: Making Sense of Data from Space: The Citizen Science Approach. International Space Development Conference, St. Louis, USA. (See


 22 June 2016. Path-finding Rover for Planetary Exploration using Maze Solving Technology. Ontario Science Centre. Organised by RASC Toronto Centre,  (See

20 May 2016. Creating Advanced SmallSats Scientific Payload for Climate Change Monitoring using Off-the Shelf Electronics. International Space Development Conference, Puerto Rico, USA (See


International Space Development Conference, Toronto, Ontario, Canada