group picture large
Group Picture of WPSE 2018 Participants

Women in Planetary Science and Exploration (WPSE) 2018 was the inaugural conference to highlight the achievements of women and non-binary researchers in the field of planetary science and exploration, and showcase their findings. It was held in Toronto on 17-18 February 2018.


Arushi speaking at WPSE
Arushi (and Artash) giving a Guest Lecture at Women in Planetary Science and Exploration (WPSE) Conference 2018, Toronto

Arushi (and Artash) were invited as surprise guest speakers on 18 February 2018 to talk about their Canada Space Agency SpaceApps 2017 Award Winning project – “Yes I Can”, as well as showcase their other projects, the CanadaArm and the Solar-X project to measure changes occurring during the Solar Eclipse.

with kristen facciol
Demonstrating the model CanadaArm to Kristen Facciol, Aerospace Engineer and Mission Controller (Canada Arm), Canadian Space Agency

It was very welcoming, friendly and high-level event which saw many great presentations touching upon planets and moons in our solar system, as well as exoplanets.


Our presentation went off very well and there were a number of questions on the technical aspects of our ongoing and upcoming projects. It was a great opportunity for us to meet many researchers and scientists, some of whom we had only interacted online over the years.

Networking with fellow participants

We thank Dr. Tanya Harrison and Sara Mazrouei for inviting us to the conference and providing us with an opportunity to make a guest presentation.

We look forward to participating in this conference once again!

Conference Website:

Conference Blog by Chantelle Dubois:


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