Pint of Science is an annual science festival held globally that aims to communicate contemporary scientific developments to the public by bringing scientists to pubs, cafés and other public places to share their research and findings.

In Canada, the event has gone virtual from 11 – 13 May 2020 due to the #COVID19 restrictions. This year’s edition includes family-friendly events, with talks adapted for a younger audience. Grab a pint (of milk), and come do some science!

Pint-poster-English-Artash and ArushiOver 54 amazing scientists from across the globe have come together for this free event to share their passion, including Artash and Arushi who will be performing on all the 3 days.

Artash and Arushi have made several Artificial Intelligence Robots and will do demonstrate how Robots interact with Humans (Human-Robot) and how Robots interact with each other (Robot-Robot) in their households.

In particular, they will demonstrate two of their robots: The MARS (Make an AstRronaut Smile) bot which does emotion recognition and the ARTEMIS (Artificially intelligent Real-time Training by Environment, Mapping, Immersion, and Sounds) bot which is able to identify objects, sounds, is able to do simple conversation, and learns by asking “Why”.

pint-poster French Artash and Arushi

The Robots along with the Humans will present a lively, engaging demo of how youths are taking control of their learnings during COVID19 by building up knowledge about robotics, machine learning, science and engineering and using them in their creative ways.

The demonstrations will be done live (in English and French) as per the following times.

English: May 11 & 13 (3.30 pm EST) and French: May 12  (1 pm, EST)

Links to view the demonstrations:

May 11:

May 12:

May 13:

A big thanks to the organizers of Pint of Science Canada for having us for this virtual, global event. We look forward to seeing you there.

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