Demonstration of projects at STEM Showcase buy Artash and Arushi

The STEM Showcase hosted by CCMA is a STEM fair to exhibit the talents of children across the region. It was held at the Ontario Science Centre on June 6 -7, 2019.

Artash and Arushi were invited to the event as Speakers as well as to give demonstrations of some of their projects.

Presentation on how to be STEM-inspired, make, learn and teach others

Artash and Arushi gave a presentation to the school groups, parents and student participants of the STEM Showcase Science Fair about their projects and how they learned how to make things using household objects, code them and how anyone can start their own STEM journey. What is required is curiosity and willingness to learn new things. Learning new things is easy if you are interested and willing to give time to it. It is important to keep making small projects as you learn new things.

Demonstration of our Facial Emotion Recognising AI Bot

Making things is the true test for learning and you pass that test when you are able to teach others how to do it.

Artash and Arushi also set up a science stall to demo their new and existing projects. Some of the projects they demonstrated were their home-made underwater submarine, star color globe, and their facial emotions recognizing bot. It was fun to interact with the students, share knowledge with them and come up with ideas about new projects.

Teaching others is a big part of the learning process

We thank the organisers Yvonne and Shelley for inviting us to this event.

Artash’s newest project: Underwater Submarine
Arushi’s newest project: COLOR (Color of Light of Rainbow and Stars)

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