musical1On 7 November 2018, Artash and Arushi gave a performance of their “Musical of our Universe” at the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (Toronto) Astronomy Night at the Ontario Science Centre.

Building upon their award-winning project – Deep Space Musical at the NASA SpaceApps Toronto, they strung together three parts musical by transforming some of the iconic images of the Hubble Telescope into sound. The beats of the musical corresponded to the deep space object that the Hubble Space Telescope was viewing, whether it was Pillars of Creation (birth of stars), Hubble Ultra Deep Field (formation of galaxies of stars), or SuperNova 1987A (the violent death of stars).


The musical was well received and there was a lot of feedback from the audience. This was our first experience in transforming our presentation into our music and we look forward to developing it further.

Deep Sky Musical

Click here for the background powerpoint slides with music.

Click here to watch the Video

Link to Event Site:

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