inc10Artash and Arushi were the Guest Speaker at the 2019 Innovation Nation Conference held in Hamilton, Ontario on January 20, 2019 at the LIUNA Station, Hamilton, Canada.

The conference was attended by over 100 people and included speakers from NASA, Canadian Space Agency, University, and Research Institutes.

Speaking Together
Artash and Arushi giving their talk at the 2019 Innovation Nation Conference

Artash and Arushi gave a talk on “How can NextGen Hack Space Exploration?” based on their maker journey of the last five years.

The talk had 4 sections:

Hacking Model Rockets

Making and launching model rockets are fun. It is exhilarating to see something launching in front of you. What is even more fun is hacking these rockets and this is precisely we do. We have flown over 65 model rockets outfitting some of them with cameras to get the launch view in flight. We outfitted others with sensors and then followed up with launching Micro:bit on them to relay live telemetry data.

Artash and Arushi explaining their projects to the visitors

We collected a lot of data from these rockets including acceleration, altitude, flight time and more. It was very educational to see how high we could fly these rockets before they went out of wireless range of transmitting data and the latency in receiving data.

Exhibiting their Rockets, Robots, CanadaArm and Trappist-1 Model

We are now hacking these rockets further to provide gimbaled thrust using 2 Servos and an Arduino. It will allow us to control the flight path of these rockets.

  • Hacking Robots
  • Hacking Astronomy
  • Hacking Science in Arts

    Keynote speakers Artash and Arushi Nath receive an Award from Dr. Mehran Anvari recognizing their work

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