black hole modification
Arushi and Artash putting a wedge on their robot   – the Black Hole!

HotPopRobot has a new and improved battle bot: the 30pounds “Black Hole” made with hardened steel and armed with a wedge in the front to sweep away the competition!

The “Black Hole” participated in the Bot Brawl event held as a part of the TAVES Consumer Electronics Show on October 14th and 15th at the Toronto Congress Centre. It competed against 6 other teams in the 30lbs category.

We had a lot of fun ramming other bots and throwing some of them outside the ring! Our wedge performed better when we moved it from behind the wheels to be in front of them – give it more traction and torque.

The bot fighting arena was 10 ft in diameter. There was a pole in the middle of the ring which required careful navigation while continuously building up speed.

There were three rounds each against each of the battle bot. If a teams won 2 or more round they win the match against that battle bot.

driving blackhole
Arushi and Artash driving the Black Hole

Our Black Hole bot won two matches – against “Nothing Special” and “Placebo”. We are very happy with the successes of our new battle bot and working on it to improve it further!

blackhole bot
All the battle bots together in the ring

One of our favourite moments were watching the battle between 150 pounds robots category. We hope to build a robot in that category too in near future.

Watch all the battlebot fights at:

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