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Arushi getting introduced by Rachel to the audience


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arushi with canada arm

From Canadian Astronaut Dr. Jenni Sidey

astro jenny

From Ed Birchnall, Mission Control & Training Supervisor for Canadian Space Agency. #Canadarm2 +



Arushi holding her Entry 2
Canada 150 Logo made using Canadian Satellite RadarSat-2 Data-  Canadian Space Agency Space Apps Challenge 2017 winner!

Our youngest team member: Arushi (Grade 3) will be talking on “Space, Satellites and Code” at the Ontario Science Centre on 11th February 2018.  More details.

11th February is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. The Ontario Science Centre is doing a special programming on Women in Science by bringing Guest Speakers of different ages and backgrounds to share their personal stories, on why they love science, the projects they are doing on science, and answer questions from the audience.

Arushi loves maths, music, soccer, and SPACE! Best of all, she loves making things that light up, make sounds, and require coding. She has participated in 15 hackathons in last 3 years, with the NASA Space Apps Challenge being her most favourite one and in which she has participated for last four years. See some of the projects made during the hackathons and Makerfaires.
Doing Outreach on Space and Science at Mini Maker Festival

She also does outreach on Space and Science in school events, NASA Youth SpaceApps, and Maker Festivals.

28-presenting yes i can project
Arushi presenting her “Yes I Can” project at the Canadian Space Agency, Quebec. August 2017

Her project – “Yes I Can” which uses Canadian Satellite RadarSat-2 data to create mosaics of Canadian icons won the Canadian Space Apps Award 2017. She was invited to present her project at the Canadian Space Agency in Quebec and to meet the new Astronauts.

Her movie “The B(m)aking of Canada” co-produced with her brother Artash featured the CanadArm, and was amongst the finalists screened at the TIFF Jump Cuts Festival 2017.
metrotorontoArushi is a member of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada – Toronto and has made several presentations of her projects at the Society’s meetings at the Ontario Science Centre. Her last presentation was on the Solar-X and the temperature and cloud cover measurements she made during the August 21 Total Solar Eclipse.
The project was also featured on the cover page of Metro Toronto newspaper.
29-with astro jenni
With the newest Canadian Astronaut: Dr. Jennifer Sidey at the Canadian Space Agency
She is currently working on her new project that mixes space music (of planets and exoplanets) with Arduino to create movements.
A member of Royal Astronomical Society of Canada – Toronto.

Download the presentation

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