Still from the movie : The B(m)aking of Canada – 150 years!

UPDATE: The movie got an Honourable Mention in the TIFF Jump Cuts Young Filmmakers Showcase (Grades 4 to 6). See TIFF Press Release. Thank you, TIFF, for this opportunity!

A short film created by Artash and Arushi –  The B(m)aking of Canada- 150 years / La cuisson du Canada to celebrate Canada’s 150 birthday has been selected among the finalist for the TIFF Kids Jump Cuts Young TIFFKidsFilmmakers Showcase 2017.

The film was screened for Schools and the General Public at the TIFF on April 21 and April 23, 2017, and won an honourable mention.

TIFF Interview
Artash and Arushi were interviewed about their move at the Toronto International Kids Film Festival (TIFF) 2017.

We love baking, and we love Canada. We combined both our loves to present what it means to live in Canada and be Canadian. We have brought together our first-hand experiences of Canada, the Canadian icons and lifestyle, including canoeing in the Great Lakes, camping in a national park, watching the Toronto Maple Leafs game, taking train rides across Canada, meeting Chris Hadfield, beavers, and celebrating with our friends in this movie. And all this happens while we are baking bread.

Group picture with other finalists at the Toronto International Kids Film Festival (TIFF) 2017.

It is all about sharing, celebrating and the m(b)aking of Canada. We composed our own music and made our own props, including the beaver mask, the Canada Arm and letters made of play dough. We hope you enjoy this movie celebrating 150 years of Canada’s confederation. Link to the movie:

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