Artash and Arushi won the Honorable Mention prize at the Genesys Hackathon

Artash Nath

The Genesys Hackathon was organised at the DevHub / LightHouse Labs Toronto on 13 – 14 October 2018. The goal of the hackathon was to come up with solutions to enhance consumer services .

The HotPopRobot family team came up with project ABC: Artificial intelligence for Better Consumer service) and won the honorable mention prize. The project ABC used Artificial Intelligence and big data to rate reviews being left by consumers on the products and services they are using between 0 and 1.  Reviews with ratings 0 and 0.5 signify negative feedback and the consumer is possibly unsatisfied with the product/services. Reviews between 0.5 and 1.0 means positive feedback and the consumer is generally satisfied with the product/services.

The Project ABC A.I Algorithm

These ratings would help allocate suitable resources to improve consumer services. Lower ratings would mean deploying more customer service agents to address those queries.

All the programming was done in python with TensorFlow. The A.I algorithm consisted of a multiple layered feed-forwards Neural Networks that was trained on a modified version of the Keras Movie Review Data-set. Arushi helped in testing the model by writing positive and negative reviews, and seeing if the model could accurately rate the feedback.

Presentation before the Judges

Artash (Grade 7) was instrumental in visualizing the algorithm, writing the code and training the algorithm to analyse online reviews.

Arushi (Grade 4) provided some live feedback data to test the algorithm.

Group Picture with the Hackathon Participants and Judges

The project was created in less than 24 hours – from conceiving to programming, testing and presentation before the judges. There were over 30 teams who presented before the judges and Team HotPopRobot  came in the Top 5 to win the Honorable Mention Award.

Click here for the presentation

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