The 2018 Toronto Science Fair was held on 25 May at the University of Toronto, Scarborough. There were hundreds of school children participating in the same with very creative and inquisitive projects. For example, Do siblings have the same fingerprint? Does Mint cool things down or it is only a sensation?

Arushi with Medal

Arushi participated in the Science Fair with her project “Hi-Py”. It was a python based project which asked users to input their names, age, favourite colour and food. The programme would then provide outputs including the number of characters in their name, the year they were born, and a short poem based on their favourite food and colour. She later created a French version of the programme.

It was a great experience to present and share her project with other kids in her pod.

python demo

Hi-PY was Arushi’s first project based on the Python programming skills she picked from online courses such as eDX and Udemy, and attending occasional classes on Python programming organised by Kids Code Jeunesse and CoderDojo Toronto.


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