The International Conference on Learning Representations(ICLR) is happening virtually from 27 April to 1 May 2020.

Artash is participating in the same. This week we are also the moderators of the @IamScicomm twitter account on science outreach.

Toronto is in lock down mode. 

Street are silent and sky is starry.

It reminds us of the Van Gogh’s painting, The Starry Night

What better way to combine our learning from machine learning conference and share it with the wider audience than doing a project which combine machine learning and arts.

streetcar van gogh
Transferring Toronto Streets into Van Gogh Style Art piece
So we imagined, how Toronto streets would appear in the Van Gogh’s style?
We used a style transfer algorithm to transfer the style of the Starry Night painting to a video shot of the Toronto Streets.
We were inspired to take up this project after reading one of the blog posts by Sefik Ilkin Serengil Artistic Style Transfer with Deep Learning

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