logoThe HotPopRobot team (Artash -12 years, Arushi – 8 years, and Vikas) will be participating in the Maker Expo in Kitchener, Ontario on 2-3 June 2018. Maker Expo is a diverse family-friendly showcase of makers, artists & organizations who create amazing things in celebration of the do-it-yourself spirit.

We have exhibited our projects in several Maker Festivals – Toronto, New York, Delhi, and Ahmedabad. We will be participating for the first time in Maker Expo in Kitchener and we are looking forward to it.

Artash and Arushi will be giving 2 talks at the Maker Expo – on their favourite Space and coding projects, and about their Maker Journey.

We will be bringing several activities to the Maker Expo, namely:

    1. Space, Coding and Astronomy Exhibits: We will be displaying several of our space projects to the visitors of MakerExpo. These include the Cosmic Dance Installation, the TRAPPIST-1 Light and Sound Model, the Canada Arm, and our Robots that can battle!

      Arushi giving a demo of the TRAPPIST-1 Light and Sound Model at the Science Rendezvous, University of Toronto, 2018
    2. Demonstrations: We will be carrying out periodic demonstrations of the TRAPPIST-1 Light and Sound model made using Arduino, coding, LED Strips, music software of our Robots: the BlackHole and the KiloNova for kids so that they can get fascinated with the idea of making things.

    Artash giving a demonstration to other kids at the SciArt Festival, Ontario Science Centre 2018
  2. Speaker Talks:  We will be giving 2 speaker talks at the Maker Expo. First one will be on Every Child is a Creator! by Artash and Arushi about their favourite space projects and how they made them. And the second one on A Maker Family Journey: How families can set up maker spaces at home to make electronic, coding, science projects? 

    Artash speaking about the role of “Why” in Science at the Science March Toronto 2018
  3. Battle Bot Competition: Artash and Arushi are veteran Battle Bot fighters. They will be participating in the Bot Brawl competition to be held as a part of the Maker Expo. Artash will be driving his 30pounds robot: the BlackHole and Arushi will be driving her new 1 pound bot: the KiloNova for the BattleBots competition.

    bot brawl.jpg
    Artash and Arushi doing battle with their BlackHole Bot at Maker Festival Toronto 2017

You can find a complete list of our projects at: https://hotpoprobot.com/projects-portfolio/

We are looking forward to spreading the joy of science, making and creativity with visitors to MakerExpo. We thank the organizers for their efforts in making the MakerExpo 2018 possible.

artash robotics
Artash changing Gear Ratio of Motors for the MakerExpo’s Battle Bot Competition


making of kilovnova
Arushi making a 1pound Battle Bot – KiloNova

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