Explaining their projects
Artash and Arushi providing information about their home made MARS Rover

On 11th June 2017, the HotPopRobot team was invited to present their projects and make a presentation at the 6th Annual AstroNuts KidsSpace Camp in Markham, Ontario.

The AstroNuts Space Camp was a good opportunity for HotPopRobot to promote space, science and coding among children, parents and educators as several hundred people attend this one day camp each year.

We put four of our space and astronomy projects on display. These included:

  • Home built spectroscope (from cardboard tube and CD-Rom).

Children and their parents had a lot of fun peering through it and looking at the spectrum of different lights.

  • Four-wheeled M.A.R.S Rover

It is pre-programmed to go forward and reverse, and make turns and we are trying to make it autonomous.

  • Light Box made of infrared LEDs 

These lights blink but the blinking is not visible to human eye as it is infrared range. The children are able to see them only through the lens of camera or smartphones. This is spectrum range at which the James Webb Space Telescope will work!

  • The Canada Arm

This is our most recent creation to spread awareness about Canada’s contribution in the space sector as a part of the Canada 150 celebrations. We had lots of children visiting our display to play with the Canada Arm.

Artash and Arushi presenting
Artash presenting his NASA Space Apps Toronto 2017 winning project  – Drop the Drought

Artash and Arushi also presented their award winning NASA and Canadian Space Apps 2017 wining projects, Drop the Drought and Yes I Can respectively. The projects make use of satellite data from NASA and Canadian Satellites. They fielded a number of questions from children and their parents on their projects.



Arushi displaying the Canada Arm to children and their parents

Link to the Presentation

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