Arushi Space Apps
Arushi presenting her “Yes I Can” project at NASA-Canadian Space Apps 2017 Toronto

The NASA SpaceApps Challenge 2017 was held from 28  -30 April 2017. For the first time, the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) also posted some challenges for the participants alongside those designed by the NASA.

Our team member- Arushi (7 years) participated in the CSA designed challenge of interpreting and using Earth observation data from the Canadian Satellite RadarSat -2, alongside our participation in the NASA Space Apps Challenge in Toronto.

Her solution “Yes I Can” used the entire set of visual data to create a digital mosaic of the Canadian Flag and the Canada @ 150 Year Logo. Each piece of the mosaic can be clicked on to reveal a section of the visual data gathered by RadarSat-2.

CSA Award
Canadian Space Apps 2017 Winning Entry – Mosaic made using Canadian Satellite RadarSat-2

She presented her solution before the judges and “Yes I Can” was the winner of the Canadian Space Apps Challenge 2017 Toronto.

More details at:

Projects presented by HotPopRobot team members – Artash (Drop the Drought) and Arushi (Yes I Can) were winners of NASA Space Apps Challenge 2017 Toronto and CSA Space Apps Challenge 2017 Toronto respectively.  Both their projects have now moved to the global round.

Artash and Arushi Space Apps
Arushi and Artash with their respective winning projects at NASA Space Apps 2017, Toronto

NASA Space Apps is an international hackathon that occurs over 48 hours in cities around the world. This year it was organised in 187 locations in 69 countries with an estimated 25,000 participants.

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