Artash and Arushi participated in the 2016 Toronto Science Fair held in the University of Scarborough on April 2, 2016.

Their respective projects were “Robotic Plant” and “Roll-it, Roll-it Robot”.

Dark and Light
Did you know that plants which do not get sunlight actually grow taller? (In search of light!)

The “Robotic Plant” mimicked the growth of plant based on various physical and environmental factors, including gravity, light, and moisture. The growth of robotic plant was determined by the light and moisture provided to it.

Data to programme the robotic plant was taken by actually planting different seeds and putting them in different growth conditions and then programming the robot based on the data generated.

Seeds were given different levels of moisture and placed in areas of different light levels (eg: Inside a cupboard, inside a Cheerio box with light coming from 1 slit, and next to the window).

The robotic plant was made using Meccanos, Arduino, Servo, and sensors.

Making of Robotic Plant


The Roll-It, Roll-It robot made use of a servo motor and an Arduino put inside an old Ikea jar. As the servo motor and Arduino tried to rotate, as they were heavy they ended up rotating the Ikea jar.

The servo motors were programmed to take 10 revolutions further and 10 backward. Thus the robot could move forward and backward on its own.


Making of Roll-It Robot


Project Demonstrations

The best part of any science project is giving a demo to others and explaining about their projects, how it worked and what they learned from it.



Arushi group pictureArtash explaining at Science Fair

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