Artash and Arushi ddemo2emonstrated a number of projects at the opening day of the 2016 DigiPlaySpace  (March 5 and 6) organised by the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). This was for the second time they were invited to present their projects.

The projects presented this year  were:

Humanoid with 5 Senses: The robot is able to detect light (eyes), hear (ears), touch (skin), smell (nose) and taste (tongue). A combination of buzzer, lights and motor are switched on when any of the senses are activated.

Head Turner: This robotic head is embedded with dual sound sensors. The head turns in the direction of the sound.demo_tiff

Robotic Arm: Made from wooden ruler and servos, the robotic arm is able to grip and pick up boxes and put them down at a different place at the top of each other. The gripper of the robotic arm was made from a bag fastening clip and wire.

Lots of families and kids interacted with our robots. The younger kids liked the Head Turner robot while the older ones found the Humanoid with 5 senses more interesting. The Robotic Arm was an all time favourite of kids and adults alike.


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