The Soft Robotics Podcast by the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS) is dedicated to the robotics community interested in soft robotics technology. It interviews guests from academia and industry and discusses their latest research including challenges that soft robotics face in the academic and industrial worlds.

On 13 February 2020, Marwa ElDiwiny interviewed Artash and Arushi about their Robotics projects, how are they integrating Machine Learning with Robotics, their upcoming projects, and what kind of education system they visualize, that can meet the aspirations, technological grasp, and interests of the younger generation.

Artash and Arushi shared their maker experiences in building robots, rovers, rockets and scientific projects over the last few years, how they picked up interest in space exploration and artificial intelligence, and how they educated themselves about computer programming, robotics, and STEM through meetup groups, online courses and becoming members of various professional societies, clubs, and museums.

They emphasized the importance of becoming part of various networks of interest, be it astronomy, robotics, AI, maths, astrobiology or neurology so as to meet new people working in these areas and to create a support group who can motivate and guide you, and make you aware of upcoming opportunities.

Artash and Arushi also talked about the future world they are visualizing co-inhabited by human and artificially intelligent robots, and how these intelligent robots would have to be trained differently from currently used models (largely, massive databases reliant on even massive computing power) to eliminate biases. This would happen through the embedding of open-source ethical codes so that the Robots have respect for human rights in all situations and interactions.

Listen to the Podcast at: or at:

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