On 6th March 2018 Arushi was one of the presenters at the Hackn’Tell event held at Top Hat office in Toronto.

Arushi with other presenters

Hack and Tell is a show and tell style meetup for hackers! Events are structured such that 8—10 hackers give 5 minute long presentations on something they built, and then respond to questions and answers for 5 more minutes.


Arushi presented her contribution to the SpaceRex project being made along with her brother Artash for Asteroid Risk Detection using NASA data and artificial intelligence.

She described how she used the Reaper music DJ software and Arduino to convert the Asteroid Risk Index data being generated from the project into musical notes were then relayed to an LED display made by her.

It gave a visual representation of which Asteroids came close to Earth and those which passed away at a safe distance.

Arushi presenting her Asteroid Risk Index to Musical Project


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