Giving Demo to a Group
Demonstrating our Battle Bot to group of kids

On 19 July 2017, we were invited by the Deer Park Public School, Toronto to present our 30 pounds Battle Bot – the Black Hole at their first-ever Maker-Faire.

It was an exciting opportunity for us to demonstrate our rover – the Black Hole and its capabilities to the students. We had made some additions to the Black Hole since its first battle at the Bot Brawl during the Maker Festival Toronto (8-9 July 2017). We had added a wedge as well as a wedge lifting mechanism which allowed Battle Bot to lift and push things better.

Giving Demo to few kids
Answering questions about lifting capabilities of our rover – the Black Hole

We had several groups of students (from Kindergarten to Grade 8) visiting our space. We shared our experiences of building the rover and gave a demonstration of its pushing and lifting capabilities. The rover was easily able to push heavy objects including a big garbage bin while lifting a hammer. The response from the students was very enthusiastic and we answered several of their questions.

Thank you Deer Park School for this opportunity!

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