Man first went to the moon in 1969. We have a permanent base in the Lower Earth Orbit (the International Space Station). Plans are underway to go to Mars in 2030, and private space explorations are on the rise. It a matter of time that Space Travel will become routine and we will go to other parts of the Universe. How do we assure that Astro-Explorers are healthy and have access to health care so that missions are not aborted?

Astro-Health: Solar-Powered Telemedicine Applications for Remote Areas (S.T.A.R)
Astro-Health: Solar-Powered Telemedicine Applications for Remote Areas (S.T.A.R)

HotPopRobot created an Astro-Health application – Solar-Powered Telemedicine Applications for Remote Areas (S.T.A.R) for the Hacking Health Challenge 2015 held at the Toronto Metro Convention Centre on 2nd June

We created S.T.A.R using using Arduinos, Sensors, Radio Communication chips, and 3D printing, and the Application was awarded a Special Mention at the Hacking Health Challenge.  S.T.A.R can work even where there are no mobile phones / Wi-fi networks. An immediate outcome is that the same technology can be used to offer health diagnostics and care at rural, poor and remote areas on Earth.

The S.T.A.R kiosk is of modular framework and can measure temperature, heart beat / pulse, and color of eyes / tongue, and other parameters. It can then transmit this information over long distances (using Radio Frequency) to doctors. The doctors in turn can analyse this information, and prescribe treatment and medicines, which can be dispensed from the kiosk. As it is solar powered, it can work in Space and in off-the electricity grid in rural areas. It is low-cost and local communities can build and maintain the same. S.T.A.R can generate big data on health care and can be used to forecast and track epidemics. This information can then be used to allocate health staff and financial resources.

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