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Maker Families: Building together on Space, Science and Technology

We all like to believe that we are technologically advanced as we keep buying latest gizmos or trying out new apps. But we fail to realise that majority of us are simply turning into technology consumers, instead of makers and producers. We need to change this.

Making starts from home. There should be focus in families to build things together instead of only buying things. When we build or repair things, we understand more – we develop newer skills, knowledge and the confidence in all subjects. It is because “making” involves all the skills – planning, research, measuring, and engineering, computing, learning to collaborate, and asking questions.

And these are lifelong skills which will inspire more youths, boys and girls to develop interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and integrate STEM in all aspects of their lives. This will have a positive influence on our educational system too, as children and families demand more emphasis on STEM and practical learning from an early age.

HotPopRobot gave a presentation and a demo on Maker Families including Galactic Bot at the upcoming International Space Development Conference 2015 in Toronto on Friday May 22, 2015. was started after winning the People Choice award at SpaceApps Toronto 2014 and coming in the top 5 in the NASA SpaceApp Global People Choice Award. Their Z-Bot project was an honorable mention in SpaceApps Toronto 2015 and their GalacticBot won the third prize in Toronto Hardware Hackathon.

HotPopRobot displays family made science, space and robotics projects at schools, community events, MakerFaires and hackathons.

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