Are Canadian youths aware of the career opportunities that will come up in the future? 

wordart-editHotPopRobot created a simple to use App:  “Yes You Can”. The App presents new and exciting careers which will be in demand, the average salary levels and job growth. More importantly, it analyses grants data available from SSHRC and NSERC to pursue studies related to these careers.

The App was created in the CODE2015 Hackathon organised by the Government of Canada using Mozilla AppMaker. 1303 participants in CODE 2015 created 125 different app submissions, and “Yes You Can” was selected among the Top 15.

The App is useful to Students, Parents and Teachers to make a match between opportunities of tomorrow, interests of youths and available grants. Some of the opportunities of tomorrow include Space and Robotics, Green and Renewables, Coding and Gaming, and Health Care.

Access the App at:

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