Exciting news! NASA has named our robot “Curious Bot” as one of the top 20 finalists for #SpaceApps People’s Choice Award globally! Your support is needed to go all the way. You can vote for our project via twitter by clicking http://bit.ly/1hMP7eT (This call is over.)

Building the rover
Building #CuriousBot for the NASA SpaceApps Challenge 2014 at the Ontario Science Center, Toronto.

Curious Bot is a self-propelled rover built by kids aged 7 and 4 , with adult guidance. It has infrared sensors and can detect obstacles and navigate around them. The Bot gathers data on humidity, temperature, and magnetic field. It transmits data over 433 MHZ radio frequency to the ground station. The ground station can analyze the data and re-program the Curious Bot.

The project shows how families can spark curiosity and enthusiasm among children about space exploration and build low-cost robots.

Check out our project video at: https://2014.spaceappschallenge.org/project/self-driven-weather-radio-curious-bot-/

For more information, email us at: vikas.nath@gmail.com

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