Arushi Nath. Grade 8 Student.

On 25 November 2022. 06:00 PM Universal Time UTC / 1:00 PM Eastern Time / 10:00 AM Pacific Time, I delivered a webinar, “Asteroid Science with Remote Telescope,hosted by

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Citizen science and robotic telescopes have brought astronomy to everyone, from school kids to backyard astronomers and from those staying in rural areas with dark skies to city dwellers living under a light cloud. For the past two years, Arushi Nath, age 13, has been using robotic telescopes, open datasets, python algorithms, and middle school maths to undertake research on near-earth asteroids. Astrometry-related observations helped her identify asteroids, provide information about their celestial location, and predict their future locations. Photometry involved taking images of the asteroid to find its magnitude. Longer observations yield a change in magnitude, which makes it possible to find the rotational period. For binary asteroids, she uses light curves to find the moonlet’s orbital period. As with all her research, she makes her datasets and methodology open source to reach out to other youths and citizen scientists. Her projects have won the Best of the 2022 Canada-Wide Science Fair award (Innovation), Gold Medal, and Excellence in Astronomy Award from the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.

Check out the slides below detailing the Asteroid Science that can be done through Robotic/Remote Telescopes. Complete slides are available at:

Presentation Slides:

The talk included how I applied my knowledge to undertake citizen science for the NASA DART Mission, including finding the rotation period of the Didymos asteroid and attempts to find the orbital period of the binary system.

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  1. Hello. Arushi presented a plot of the brightness of Didymos before and after the Dart impact (time 00:31:19) and inspired by her talk, I made a python plot of the photometry submitted by the ATLAS surveys and have been studying the data.
    I hope she is doing well in school.
    I thank her for the ideas she presented. I have watched the replay several times now.
    Wishing you all the best.

    I will post my plot on Twitter.

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