won one of the Best of Show 2015 Awards at the Maker Festival 2015 Toronto. This year we made a host of projects specially for the Maker Festival. It included the following:

Bubble Clock: The clock runs for 3 minutes during which it performs a series of tasks which produce light and sound. At the end it releases air from a balloon via a solenoid and creates soap bubbles.

Crazy Wheel: An old bicycle wheel was covered with LEDs and attached to a Gyro sensor. The LEDs light up in a pattern depending on how fast the wheel is turned.

Draw Bot: The ever-popular and newer version of a drawing bot, powered by 2 servos and inverse kinematics code, which creates drawings on its own.

Gesture Sensing Helmet:  A bicycle helmet was fitted with high power  LEDs and Gesture Sensor. It understands the hand gesture of the cyclist and turns on right or left LED depending on the direction in which the cyclists wants to turn.

It was fun. See you next year!

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