Observations made by Artash at the Carr Astronomical Observatory Canada. Published in SCOPE: The Newsletter of The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Toronto. Vol 53 / No. 5, Oct/Nov 2014.

We first looked at Saturn and its beautiful rings. I learned that the rings are named alphabetically – A, B, and C rings in the order that they were discovered. In the past five years of knowing my ABC, I did not think that the alphabet was used for naming Saturn’s rings! The C rings are the black rings in between Saturn and the outer rings A and B. And the Cassini Division separates rings A and B. I also learned that the the rings of Saturn are tilting more and more each year. Soon we won’t be able to see the South Pole of Saturn.

Complete article available at: http://rascto.us6.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=ee51ede4fea0e2ee146580430&id=6e2e713f7a&e=1b81bd2332

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