Windmill with embedded magnets
Windmill made with pencil and paper with embedded magnets.

Much of the energy produced all over the world is not clean energy. We generate very high voltage using non-clean energy but reduce it to small voltages (between 3v- 9v) for most applications including charging of mobile phones, laptops etc. The cost to the environment is heavy in terms of pollution and destruction of ozone layer.

Coil below the windmill generates electricity
Coil below the pencil windmill generates electricity- 0.2 volts.

Rainbow Energy System (REST) produces clean and green energy (3v- 9v) using household goods such as water, fruits, file folder, pencils, sunscreen, wires, lens, leaves for use anytime, anywhere. REST was conceived and developed at the Random Hacks of Kindness Hackathon (RHOK) organised in Toronto from 31 May – 1 June.

REST has 3 components: Production, Storage and Use – all of which are easy to set up and even kids can do it.

Badminton with coil and magnets producing electricity
Badminton with coil and magnets producing electricity

Energy was produced through hacking the household goods through 4 ways.

First by creating a windmill using paper, pin and a pencil. Magnets were embedded on the moving arms while a copper coil (60 turns) was attached to the pencil below the moving arms.  When the arms of the paper windmill rotated, it produced energy.

Second by using wires made of 2 different material. A copper and steel wire were joined together to form a thermocouple. One end was heated by directing sun heat using a lens while the other end was dipped in a bowl filled with cold tap water. Due to the difference in temperature of the two ends of the thermocouple, a current was generated.

The circuit for storing energy uses 4 diodes in bridge rectifier configuration, 2 capacitors, and an optional rechargeable battery. An LED is added in parallel to the capacitors.

Circuit for Storing Electricity
Circuit for Storing Electricity

Arduino microcontrollers are used for controlling and monitoring the use.

Solar Cells made with File Folder, Sunscreen and Blueberries
Solar Cells made with File Folder, Sunscreen and Blueberries- 0.4 volts.

Storage is done through capacitors and rechargeable battery and making use of 4 diodes.


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